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Haven’t posted in a while partly because I just wanted the Colemak solution to be as visible as possible and also because the whole idea of blogging still seems like a strange idea to me even after reading other blogs here and there for a few years.

Well, I just contributed to online piano recital my own voicing of the classic “Stormy Weather” and it was a lot of work but fun. I felt I came up with some interesting voicings. In several places, I felt it was difficult not to be too dissonant. I opted for solution where the melody note was either played over a sparser chord or by itself and then immediately followed by a chord with more more color notes to suggest a bit more dissonance giving a nice richer tone. I came with an interesting coda also. I used a technique of passing through a flatted seventh chord in the left hand to suggest more movement. Over all pretty nice. It’s a challenge to play and my recording has mistakes but it should be interesting to keep practicing it an improving it. I am now working on several songs: Angel Eyes, Unforgettable, Let it snow, Christmas Song. Also working on learning stride technique. Overall, having a lot of fun with the Sudnow course. You can check out my playing at the recital site Sudnow students piano recordings. Look for the folder titled May 13th recital. Hope you enjoy!

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Well, welcome! This is my ramblings on interests of mine that at least for me intersect. Those include my experiences in martial arts training mostly Iaido and Aikido, learning jazz oriented piano, and learning to touch type with the Colemak keyboard layout.

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